Report From Bluegrass Wildwater Association Spring Clinic

We traveled up to the Nolichucky with The Jumbo Tron Screen for a weekend of kayak instruction, movie watching and comradery.  The BWA was in full force and the weekend was a huge success.  We feel that these type of club events are at the core of our sport and are happy to support them in anyway we can.  Enjoy the video and we will see you on the water soon.

BWA Spring Clinic from Lunch Video Magazine on Vimeo.

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The C to C Roll

The C to C Roll from Whitewater Instruction on Vimeo.

Here are some basic points to watch out for:

  • The boat rolling first with the very first movement of the paddle.
  • The paddle on a c to c roll being perpendicular to the boat.
  • The paddle being on the surface.
  • The paddle blade flat on the water.
  • Pulling the elbows down and in as you finish the roll.
  • Under the water the body should be tucked while flipping, but once you start to sweep the paddle out, your body should sweep out as well, perpendicular to the boat.
  • Once the paddle is swept out go ahead and do the hip snap.
  • The movement of rolling is much more fluid if you are sitting up back straight or even slightly leaning back. Check it out sitting in your chair, try to rock your hips left to right while hunched forward, sitting up, and leaning pack. Which is easier?

Negatives to watch for:

  • Most people move their body first when trying to get the roll firgured out.
  • If the paddle isn’t perpendicular, either your body isn’t opened up or it is leaning too far back.
  • The number two biggest mistake is folks don’t get their paddle to the surface.
  • A non flat blade will dive.
  • If your elbows are high your center of gravity ends up high and throwing your off balance.
  • Tuck for protection.
  • But once you sweep roll open up for hip action.
  • If you see the boat start to roll and then stop abruptly thats a sign they are tightening the leg opposite the hip snapping leg.

For a more in depth look into the C to C roll, check out our DVD Series Demystifying the Roll, due out late 2009.

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Steep Creek Skills Feature Film

Steep Creek Skills presented by Liquidlogic is available now.


Join Shane Benedict as he provides the most in depth creek boating instructional video available today. Follow along team Liquidlogic as they make their way down the Green River Narrows breaking down each rapid and the techniques used to safely navigate them. The athletes in this video have over 2000 runs combined down the Green River Narrows. There is no other source like this available on the market today. As a bonus, has completed the first virtual guide to the green, which is included in the extras. Every rapid every ledge every mile is covered on this double feature DVD.

Topics covered but not limited to:
Dealing with Rocks
Paddle Awareness
How to Run Waterfalls
Escaping from Holes
Seal Launch
And much much more

Whitewater Instruction Steep Creek Skills from Lunch Video Magazine on Vimeo.

This film is sold out on DVD.
This film, along with dozens of other paddling films , is available instantly at AMONGSTiT TV. Subscribe here.

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No matter how you cut it, slides are tons of fun. There are all types of slides, and while some are big and scary, many are not. Regardless of whether you are having a blast on some mellow slides or trying to set a world speed record on something large there are a few techniques which will help you ensure success. Watch below as Shane helps us out with some basic slide technique:

Slides from Whitewater Instruction on Vimeo.

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Kayaking, Back Pain, and Outfitting

We caught up with Doctor David Lorczak to discuss the benefits of proper outfitting and posture to promote a long and healthy kayaking career. In Dr. Lorczak’s opinion the advancements in the Bad-Ass outfitting allows the kayaker to maintain better posture while allowing slight movement of the lower torso. This movement is key to maintaining a healthy spine in a sport that is brutal to that area of the body. Have a listen to Dr.Lorczak as he explains the relationship between proper posture, good outfitting, and a healthy spine.

Kayaking, Back Pain, and Outfitting from Whitewater Instruction on Vimeo.

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