The Combat Roll DVD Available Now

Every kayaker remembers their first time rolling in a lake or pool; but taking that roll to moving current can be a struggle. This is the world’s only video focused on transforming your pool roll into a combat roll. has teamed up with Shane Benedict, Andrew Holcombe, and John Grace to provide the most in depth real world combat rolling instruction available today. Showcasing footage ranging from waves to steep creeks this video is sure to keep you in your boat and your hands off your skirt.
Topics include:
The Basic Rolls (CtoC, Sweep, Back-Deck, and Hand Roll)
Rolling in Currents
Rolling in Eddylines
Rolling in Holes
Rolling in Pourovers
Polling Next to Rocks
Rolling in Shallow Water
Rolling on Slides

Get your copy today!
(DVD will ship 2/17/12)

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Introducing Our Next Video: The Combat Roll

We are happy to announce that Shane Benedict, Andrew Holcombe, and John Grace will be joining us for our next video: “The Combat Roll”.   Unlike other rolling videos, this video focuses on how to roll in real river situations; such as:

-dealing with currents




-shallow water

-vertical drops


-and much more

Our goal is to get you ready for the river and prepared for those real life situations.

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The ‘Combat Roll’

Without a doubt the most mysterious and confusing part of learning to kayak is the roll.  For many paddlers learning to roll is an all consuming process.  From dealing with holding your breath to figuring out the 360 degree rotation it is at best foreign for most folks.  Then once you have mastered your technique in the pool and take it to the river the current adds another variable.

While this all sounds somewhat confusing the reality is with good beta and some practice anyone can make it down the river without a swim.  Join us over the next few weeks as we not only break down the roll but provide you with real world experience and examples on how to hit that roll where it really counts…the river. We are working on our second title ‘The Combat Roll’ and will share in rich media format much of the information covered on the DVD.  Check back with us over the next few weeks as we provide the most in depth resource available on the combat roll.

Introducting “Liquidlogic present The Combat Roll” from Whitewater Instruction on Vimeo.

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